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Deirdre McEachern, Personal Coach and Career CoachDeirdre McEachern

Deirdre is an award-winning, Master-Certified Career and Life Coach, Author of “You Only Live Once: Create the Life You Want” and frequent speaker on work-life issues.

Before becoming a coach, writer and speaker, Deirdre worked in the software industry as a director of sales operations. In 1999, she walked away from the high-stress world of the software industry, took the Highlands Natural Ability Battery and discovered work that she now loves. Deirdre’s mission is helping people achieve the same kind of satisfaction in their lives as she has found in hers.

Deirdre received her master’s degree in mediation and conflict resolution from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She is a graduate of Coach University and was adjunct professor of sociology at Emerson College in Boston. She is an active member of the International Coach Federation and sits on the boards of directors of the Women in Business Connection and the Tidewater Waldorf School.

Deirdre has been certified by Corporate Coach University, Inc. as a facilitator of The Coaching Clinic, a corporate workshop that teaches coaching skills to managers and executives. Deirdre delivers leadership-training courses for Development Dimensions International and has been certified by The Highlands Group to administer The Highland’s Ability Battery innate skills assessment.Deirdre has given presentations, led training and delivered workshops for people in the U.S., Europe, Australia, the Philippines and India and for companies such as EMC, Compaq, BASF, Iris Graphics and numerous professional associations.



Claudette Rowley Claudette Rowley, MSW, CPPC

Claudette is a certified You Only Live Once Coach, a specialist in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a speaker, and the author of “Embrace Your Brilliance.” Claudette is an expert in helping professionals identify their true purpose and calling in life, and mobilize the courage to pursue it. She guides her clients to design personal and professional lives that reflect who they are, and to create success on their own terms.

A seasoned and engaging speaker, Claudette has inspired hundreds of people around the country with her presentations on intuition, overcoming obstacles and life balance. She is known for her intuitive style, her ability to get to the heart of a matter, and her passion for challenging people to move out of their comfort zones.

Claudette began her journey into coaching in 1999 when she hired her first personal coach. A burned-out social worker, she couldn’t imagine feeling satisfied with her work. Guided by her coach, Claudette explored career options, and in just a few months time, she recognized that coaching ignited her passions for human development and powerful living.

“Hiring Claudette as my coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, my life has completely turned around. Claudette is a masterful coach who has made an enormously positive impact on my life. Thanks to her I understand what it means to live a fulfilling life!”- Kari Waite, Savannah, GA

Prior, Claudette worked in the public and private sectors for 10 years, specializing in leadership and program development, consulting and training. She holds a master’s in social work from the University of Michigan, and is certified as professional co-active coach through the Coaches Training Institute.

Outside of running her coaching business, Claudette’s passions are her son Ethan, and enjoying her relationships with friends and family. She is also a Pilates devotee, workout buff, and lover of a good murder mystery. She balances her doing with a rich spiritual life. And every morning she wakes up excited to go to work!

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