Natural Abilities Test

Don’t Waste Your Talents!

Are you afraid of never finding a job you’ll really like? What would it be worth to you if you could? The key to any successful career change is to learn about your natural abilities. The Highlands Ability Battery (THAB) is a state-of-the art tool that reliably gives you this exact information. Taking the Highlands Ability Battery will give you:

  • A 33 page scoring report covering 18 different natural abilities which developed in you by the age of 14 and do not change your entire life.
  • An expert interpretation of your unique score blueprint by Deirdre, a certified Highland’s affiliate.
  • A 90 minute one-on-one consultation to help you fully understand your results.

Save Time & Money

Stop buying books and attending seminars! You could easily spend 6 months or more trying to find satisfaction in your career. Why do that when you can take 3 hours to get the answers you need right now?

We can ship you the Highland’s Ability Battery test within 24 hours.You take this test at home, on your own computer. It comes on CD with complete instructions. It requires no preparation on your part however, please be sure:

  • You will not be interrupted while taking the test as the work samples are carefully timed.
  • You have speakers or headphone on your computer because parts of the test involve sound.
  • You are able to connect to the internet at the beginning and end of the test so your scores can be transmitted for processing.

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