Life and Career Coaching to Help You Live Life to its Fullest

VIP Coaching helps you make the most of your time. Whether you need a job change or a life change to achieve your greatest happiness, our certified coaches help you realize your goals. Our specialties include:

  • Career coaching to help you find your ideal job
  • Personal coaching to help you improve any areas of your life
  • Business coaching to help you achieve revenue or other goals

Feel free to explore our services and be sure to click here to request a free 30 minute consultation about your unique situation.

New Direction Discovery Program Career Coaching

You’ve probably already spent years trying to figure out what kind of work will make you happy. Finding work that is satisfying requires clarity. The Three-Step New Direction Discovery Career Coaching Program is a one-on-one career coaching curriculum to help set you on the path you seek. Get all your career coaching answers in one Place, for one low cost.

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Turn Up Your Personal Power Life Coaching

Do you know your innate talents, motivators, beliefs, passions, fears and blocks?

When you take part in the Turn Up Your Personal Power life-coaching program, you’ll get to know yourself well. Turning Up Your Personal Power is about accessing your inner strength through clear and strong self-knowledge provided by life coaching. When you know how to leverage your strengths and mitigate your blocks, you can harness your personal power.

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You Only Live Once: Design the Life You Want

This is coaching program is focused on getting you more of what you want from life. Together, we will use tools from Deirdre’s book, “You Only Live Once: Create the Life You Want” along with personalized, one-on-one coaching to define your dreams and goals. We will then create step-by-step strategies to reach your goals. The only sure way to get where you want to go in this life is have a plan! The VIP Coaching Design Your Life program is exactly such a process.

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Tools, Tests and Assessments

VIP Coaching uses several tools and assessments to help you Find a New Direction for your career, Turn Up Your Personal Power or Design Your Life.

Natural Ability Test

To learn your strengths, personal style, time frame orientation and vocational success factors – we use a three-hour Highland’s Natural Ability test.

Life Experience Inventory

To uncover your motivations, passions, hopes, dreams, fears, beliefs and values – we use a 90-minute Life Experience Inventory.


To understand your stress triggers, pitfalls and best coping techniques for stress in all areas of your life – we use the 21-day action planning workbook and StressMap® emotional stress test.

Life Planner

To plan your future, set priorities for the next 12 months and develop actionable goals — we use an annual Life Planner.

Personal Coaching

To deepen your understanding of yourself and integrate your new knowledge into your daily life — we use one-on-one coaching calls.

You may choose to engage in one or all six of these tools as necessary depending on your goals. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique needs call, VIP Coaching at 207-439-4280 or click here.

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