New Direction Discovery Program Career Coaching

Are you ready for a career change but have no idea what’s next?

Would it feel great to be in a career where you make real contributions? A career where you can use your natural talents? Finding work that is satisfying requires clarity. The Three-Step New Direction Discovery Career Coaching Program is a one-on-one career coaching curriculum that can help set you on the path you seek.

Get all your career coaching answers in one place, for one low cost.

You’ve probably already spent years trying to figure out what kind of work will make you happy. Imagine finally getting that answer in less than 90 days. What is it worth to you to have a career you enjoy for the next 20, 30 or 40 years?

The Three-Step New Direction Discovery Career Coaching Program includes every aspect of discovery that you need:

  • Identification of your natural abilities
  • Identification of personal values, interests and passions
  • Short list of ideal careers
  • Identification of personal standards, desires and beliefs
  • Unblocking of any fears related to change
  • Clarification of logistical parameters of ideal career, balance, commute, required salary, etc.
  • Detailed transition planning, including financial concerns
  • Review of resume/transition cover letters
  • Mock interviews
  • Research resources
  • Ongoing weekly coaching available for as long as support is desired

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