Data Processor Becomes Own Boss: Brenda’s Story

Tampa, FL- When Brenda Blauch decided she needed to make a career transition, she knew she couldn’t do it alone. She had fallen into a pattern of going from one unhappy job to the next and she needed help to break the cycle.

How did you find VIP Coaching?

I found an article VIP Coaching had written in an email newsletter from The article just entirely hit home for me.

What made you decide to work with a career coach?

I had been contemplating a career change anyway for a long time. I was trying to determine where I might best fit and what direction I wanted to pursue. When I saw the article, I did some investigation. I visited VIP Coaching’s website. The site mentioned the Highland’s Ability Battery test and I researched as much information as I could.

What were you doing before you made your career transition?

I was actually working as a team leader in software development in data processing. I was working for a technology company that produced software and networking interconnections for different companies, mostly wireless, cellular companies. My background for the last 20-plus years was in data processing, starting as a programmer and then working my way up through analysis and design.

What were some of the things that were going on that made you want to make a career change? Were you unhappy and unfulfilled with what you were doing, or just knew that there was something else that you were more interested in?

Sometimes I get easily bored. I’d considered a career change in the past, but then things would temporarily improve, or I’d change positions in the company.

Really the event that really caused me to make a move and decide now is the time to move was when the company I worked for had three layoffs within a year. And the third layoff really hit my particular workgroup hard. And that was really when I made the decision that I needed to take control of my career. Otherwise I was going to find myself without a job and not on my terms. So that was the real event that made me start to think that I needed to take control, and figure out what is it that I really wanted to do. I decided that I needed to find help.

How long would you say was the time between this realization to when you started searching for a career coach?

I guess maybe a couple of months. The layoff happened in February and I found VIP Coaching’s article in April.

“She helped me clear the fog away.”
-Brenda Blauch
i-9 Sports

What has been the greatest benefit to working with a coach versus trying to do it alone?

The biggest thing VIP Coaching helped me to do is clarify several areas. In the back of my mind, I knew it was time to make a change. I wasn’t enjoying my life or my job. She helped me clarify why that was and what was missing from my current career.

So really, in one word, it was clarification. She helped me clear the fog away.

What part of the program was most successful for you?

Two things. One, the Ability Battery helped a lot, in my opinion. And two, the weekly coaching calls that I had with VIP Coaching.

Was working with a career coach worth the investment of your time and your money?

Absolutely! Without a doubt.

I’ve recommended it to many people.

Tell me more about what you are doing now.

I bought a franchise and now run my own business. It is called i9Sports and we run sporting events.

That’s wonderful. What change from what you were doing before. How did you figure out that this is what you wanted to do?

Part of working with a career coach was coming to recognized how much I always wanted to do something related to sports. Every time I ever thought about doing something different, it was always sports related. VIP Coaching and I discussed lots of opportunities and possibilities. I’d considered owning a fitness center or running a sporting goods store but those opportunities would have too much structure and not enough flexibility for me.

“The biggest thing VIP Coaching helped me to do is clarify several areas. In the back of my mind, I knew it was time to make a change. I wasn’t enjoying my life or my job. She helped me clarify why that was and what was missing from my current career.”
-Brenda Blauch
i-9 Sports

What do your friends and family think of your change?

Everybody’s been real supportive of it.

One of the biggest things was when I first discussed it with my mother and she said, “every other decision you’ve made in life has turned out fine for you, so I should do well.” That meant a lot to me.

What’s next for you in the next five years? Are you looking to stay in this field, and maybe just take it a little further, or do you think might transition into something completely different?

I don’t anticipate doing anything different. I see myself expanding the business. Ideally, I’d like get it to where I’m spending my time overseeing the business, and I have other people who handle the different aspects of the business.

That’s where I would like to be. I’d like companies to think of i9Sports and my business when they want to hold a gold outing or other sporting event. I’d like them to say, “Let’s call Brenda at i9 to handle it for us.”

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

It might be helpful for anyone reading this to know that working with VIP Coaching long distance- over the phone and via email- works well. I felt very, very comfortable talking with a career coach. She made me feel very much at ease, which is saying a lot, because I tend not to open up too much!


Brenda Blauch can be reached at:

Phone: 813-254-3760

Or for more information on Brenda’s career coach, VIP Coaching, email her at or 207-439-4280.

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