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More Evidence Linking Meditation to Health Benefits

September 29th, 2011 — 6:12am

Dan Siegel, a neuro-psychiatrist and author of “The Mindful Brain,” states that meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation, has the power to change brain chemistry. Changes include greater emotional balance, improved cardiac and immune functioning, and greater attunement to life in the present. In addition, daily meditation has been shown to increase the neuronal fibers in the corpus callosum, the area of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres. Read the full article

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First Day of School! Are You Starting Something New this September?

September 7th, 2011 — 1:35pm

My little 5 year old son starts his first day of school tomorrow, September 8th in this very classroom. It’s been a date branded on my mind since June since he’s my first to go.  Technically, we (he and I) are ready. He has his new clothes, his Sponge Bob lunch box and Spider Man backpack. But am I, really? And is he? How can we ever be ready for big changes in life? We can’t.  We just have to prepare the best we can and take the leap. It’s a big lesson – and one my little son is learning tomorrow morning.

He told me yesterday he is nervous about starting school and I responded that everyone is nervous on their first day of something new and it’s okay to feel nervous. I also told him it was okay to be both nervous and excited at the same time.   He liked that option.  I think as humans we somehow expect to be exempt from nervousness, anxiety and worry and criticize ourselves when we feel them.  Yet these are just a few in the wide range of normal emotions that come and go for all of us.  There is no blame in that. We must learn to be kinder to ourselves.

I use preparedness (perhaps over preparedness!) to assuage my worry and allow myself to keep taking action.

What big changes are you preparing for this September?

Accept and honor any anxiety you feel, go gently with yourself and always, always continue to take action in pursuit of your goals.




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